Underworld - Book, music and lyrics by Jennifer Whyte

What if Orpheus lived in prohibition-era Chicago? Why is Eunice so drawn to Shady’s speakeasy? And what has made Zoot so mad?





Jennifer Whyte - STORIES

“I chose the album title Stories not only to reflect the fact that each of the pieces tells a story or has a story behind it but also because of recurring comments from people who hear my music that it conjures stories in their mind.  I love the fact that the narratives and the images that the music evokes are unique and individual and personal to each listener.  Therefore, there is no definitive story to each piece…only the story it tells you when you listen to it.”

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Musical Theatre

The Famished Land - Title Page copy.jpg

The Famished Land - Book by James Paterson, Lyrics by Robin Whyte, Music by Jennifer Whyte

An emotional coming-of-age tale set against the backdrop of the great famine in Ireland in the 1840s


Shehallion - Music composed and orchestrated by Jennifer Whyte

A Celtic, music and dance spectacular based on Scottish folk and fairy tales

Additional Composing credits

Can’t Sing Singers (BBC1)

Chasing Fate (Birmingham Hippodrome)

Silent Night (Lost Theatre, London)